by Neil Young, 4/11/2009

Most of us think the world needs change. Change to save the planet. Change to get the economy going again.

I read a story recently about a man who bought new cars twice a year, at least. He was retired and had been buying new cars each year for most of his life. He liked Cadillacs and other big cars. Recently the Cadillac Escalade was his favorite. He loved to go online and "build" custom cars by adding his own feature package and colors. In the old days he would order the car he had "built" online and it would arrive a month or so later. Nowadays, he just "builds" them online and doesn't order. He still has the money, but feels that the big cars are just too much....Too much fuel. Not politically correct. Too hard to explain the purchases to his friends.

The compulsive new and big car habit is ingrained old America. A lot of people are like that and it will be a hard habit to break. This gets to the very reason why we are building Lincvolt. We think change will not come from going against the flow. We say go with the flow.

A lot of people want big cars. Notice the guy in the story I read ONLY buys huge monster autos, the latest and greatest. That buyer is the secret to m . . .

by Neil Young, 1/5/2009

A Perfect storm for innovation is gathering in Washington. With the government's recent financial assistance to GM and Chrysler, the Big 3 now have until the end of March to make the case that shows how they will survive. Survival is not enough though.

America now has a chance to lead the world in power and fuel efficiency. The Big three will still be looking for help at the end of March. As the major shareholder, the US government would have an opportunity to DEMAND the type of cars that will lead the world toward saving the planet for future generations.

If the Big three cannot agree to make only cars that are fuel efficient enough to get at least 50 MPG by 2011, 75 MPG by 2013 and 100 MPG by 2015, then they should go into bankruptcy and fend for themselves like all the other businesses that are having trouble. The truth is this can be done and innovators know the way to do it.

Better Place is a new model for power distribution to replace the old model of gas stations that supported the evolution of the automobile to this point. Better Place is taking hold in countries around the world and in some areas of the US. Better Place's revolutionary concept for distribution of . . .

by Neil Young, 11/19/2008

President-elect Obama's plan to put a million electric vehicles on the road in 10 years is do-able and should be surpassed by its own momentum. As people discover the many advantages of electric vehicles (EVs), this momentum will build. Not only are these cars green and responsible, they also enhance National Security. From all we've been told about EVs we know a little. They are cleaner. We've heard about plugging them into our homes to recharge overnight. But most of us don't know much about electric cars yet.

The momentum of the Electric Vehicle Age will stem from enhanced performance, smoothness of acceleration, quietness, and superior control. The way an electric car can be tuned to behave a certain way for a certain driver allows for a whole new feeling in the driving experience. People just don't know how cool these cars are.

Existing designs can be manufactured as electric cars with no change to the tooling of the existing designs. Adapting kits are possible. Build electric versions on these existing tools to keep people working and get people interested in buying again. The technology to make these new electric vehicles exists today right here in this country.

Fr . . .