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"I had my first electric car in 1959, a sporty convertible that charged off the grid. The Lincvolt project has brought me back full circle to draw upon my past interests in clean air, energy alternatives, conservation and hope for a better future."

-Will Mitchell
"I live on the south shore of Lake Ontario with wife and family. I can feel the land changing. I am deeply committed to environmental issues. I owe my children that much. I am thrilled by LincVolt's 21st Century promise of an open road we can all drive sustainably."

-Dave Toms
"This train has left the station. There are those that have the opportunity to ride. They may fall short of boarding. However, the concept created along the way will be the product in the end."

-Johnathan Goodwin
"Every step of the way, we have not been alone. Things fall into place like there was a plan. We have now come to see innovation we had never anticipated in all of our dreams, and we are still moving forward."

-Neil Young
"Something extraordinary is happening. Technology growth doubles every two years. The growth curve is pointing skyward. On the same wave with sustainable transportation are vehicles that are connected, think, and optimize. LincVolt is hanging ten."

-Paul Perrone